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Welcome to Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian.

"Load up as the Bionic Barbarian, seeking revenge on the evil techno-cultists! They may have taken your humanity, but that is not going to stop you from killing them all and taking down their wretched fortress with them! Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian is a 2D neon shooter where you have to battle your way through the many floors of the otherworldly techno-cultists lair, but remember that you're not their first wicked experiment, and you're lucky to still have your consciousness intact. Monsters, armies of cultists and evil robots are only some of the dangers in your path, but none are as dangerous as you."


Please note that as of GGC 2020 this game is still a work in progress and has yet to see its final form.


Tobias Norén, Emil Dymek, Ula Wąsik, Momin Chowdhury


ZombieFrog - TesterBuild.zip 22 MB
ZombieFrogTesterBuild2.0.zip 22 MB
Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian GGC.zip 65 MB
Wrath of The Bionic Barbarian - Official Trailer.mov 28 MB


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I think you have a solid ground for this game. I would have enjoyed if there were more types of enemies and bullet patterns. I like that you have implemented that you can see how much ammo and heat (I think?) you have on the crosshair, since that's where you're looking at most of the time. I also enjoyed that you had some storytelling with the objects in your scene.

There are some technical things that needs to be solved for this to get an even better feel, like the main character clipping through some of the walls and not being able to enter all spaces because their hitbox is too big. You might want to make the hitboxes for the walls a bit smaller?

Well, there'll soon be a version of this game which is totally different than this one